The governing authority of the kindergarten is Archdiocese of Kraków CARITAS Catholic Education Centre (Katolickie Centrum Edukacyjne CARITAS Archidiecezji Krakowskiej). The kindergarten is located at the Mazowiecka Streen in the city centre. Adjacent to the building is a large garden filled with trees and bushes, an oasis of green and tranquility. The kindergarten is located in a historical house that use to be Helena Modrzejewska's residence.

Our mission is to support the parents in raising their children according to Christian values. Moreover, by the implementation of the pedagogical ideas of Maria Montessori we support the child in their individual development, emphasising the need for respect for others, peace and environmentally friendly and health-promoting lifestyle. It is our objective to raise a self-dependent and self-confident man who respects other people. We help the children to deveop a positive attitude towards learning, a sense of order and the ability to concentrate.